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Join our Thangs subscription to gain access to a growing collection of practical models. I design practical and interesting creations available as physical products and as free and premium 3D models. Download free models from Makerworld, Cults3D, Thingiverse, Thangs, Printables and Premium from cults3D Physical items are available on Etsy, eBay, and in bulk from our website. New creations are always being released, follow to find out when. If you have any questions, feedback, issues, customization requests, or bulk enquiries, please get in touch.
  **JOIN ME** ON MY [CREATIVE ADVENTURE]( ***BECOME A MEMBER TODAY!***   - - -   ***Welcome to my independent studio*** - where I've chosen to leave behind what I've done & known all my life ***to pursue my passion*** for 3D design, modeling, and printing. After years of navigating the challenges of everyday American life, I've found a ***renewed sense of purpose*** in creative expression. Through my work, I aim to produce distinctive and functional art, offering a unique blend of ***joy, inspiration, and practicality*** for hobbyists and enthusiasts. **So JOIN ME as we collectively challenge norms and contribute to a more innovative future!**   - - -   **PHOTOS & MORE** | [Instagram]( **VIDEOS** | [TikTok](  
Designer and maker of 3D models, Retro Pop Culture Art & Objects, Home Décor and Model Train Miniatures.
Welcome to Shack3D_Print, our 3D creativity lab! We are two passionate brothers, Giuseppe and Marina, dedicated to turning ideas into stunning three-dimensional reality. Here you'll find a wide range of 3D models, from home decor to unique design pieces. Join us on this creative adventure and let yourself be inspired! We are eager to share our love for 3D design with you. If you like our designs you can support us by subscribing to our subscription plan. Follow us and subscribe to stay updated on our latest creations. Are you ready to bring your ideas to life? Shack3D_Print is here for you!
Hi, I'm Andy! I create models and turn logos into 3D printable objects that appeal to users in the community that are easy to print. No supports required! "Simply Print!" Want to purchase a model for personal use? Check[ Cults!]( I'm always looking for ideas! Send me requests! 3DPicks was founded in 2010 by Andy Bihlmaier, also known as "AwesomeA." The idea for the company came from his desire to create a YouTube channel featuring 3D Printing that was both easy to use and user friendly. Not content with being a YouTube creator, he decided to create 3DPicks to offer printable designs of logos from popular sports, video games, and cars. The slogan "Simply Print" was born and has helped numerous individuals in creating their own personal objects, products, and creations. 3DPicks offers an ever-expanding library of designs, allowing customers to easily find something they like. 3DPicks is passionate and creative, and is always looking for new ideas to add to the library of designs. With 3DPicks, Andy strives to make 3D Printing more accessible, user friendly and ever-changing so that customers can explore the possibilities of the technology.
Free download models are always for PERSONAL use only. Subscribe to our Thangs membership to get access to all of our models and a commercial license to sell them.