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Most of the time I live in the real world but sometimes I get to go to the 3D Printing World where conventional rules don’t apply, your thoughts can become a reality....
_If you love 80's & 90's nostalgia, anime, video games, and more....this is the spot for you!_ **25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS DISCOUNT SPECIAL!!!** Any Membership level! **25% OFF** each month when you sign up for 3 months! **USE CODE: CCT25DAYS**
A husband wife team that enjoys making stuff. We hope you like the end results. If you would like commercial rights to sell physical prints please join our membership.
@grizzledgnome on tiktok! I've always wanted to make 3D models. To keep weekly free models coming remember to drop some likes! <3
I'm new to THANGS and loving it!. Official Dad, Snowboarding addict, Open-bar enthusiast and 3D Printing Maker! Like many of you, I'm still learning and really enjoy designing and printing things for myself and others! ⭐️ I would really appreciate your **Follow**, **Like**, and **Download**. 🤩 Happy Printing and have a fantastic day!
At Pixel and Plastic, we fuse digital innovation with playful design to create unique 3D-printed toys. Our mission is to spark imagination with each custom-crafted piece. Join our Discord! [](
**[Sell prints with a Mimetics3D Commercial License](** Thanks for stopping by and checking out my designs! I'm designing a selection of bio-inspired, articulated, and/or cursed models. My Snap-Flex models incorporate a special joint that allows you to *SNAP* the segments into place to lock them and *SNAP* them back out to flex freely. Fantastic for fidgeting and ASMR fun. If you're willing to give me a bit of feedback, please [let me know how you like the models here](
Crafting creativity, so we print fewer boxes. **Limited-Time Free Access** Be sure to grab my wall arts within a week of their upload; they are free for a limited time before becoming exclusive to our paid members. It's a race against time, so be quick to download! **Membership and Reselling** Interested in reselling physical copies of my works? Consider subscribing to my membership plan for exclusive access and benefits. **Stay Connected** Join my [Discord]( to stay in the loop, offer suggestions, or request specific models. It's a space for us to connect, collaborate, and bring more fantastic creations to life.