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Discover and support your next, favorite independent 3D designer

Most of the time I live in the real world but sometimes I get to go to the 3D Printing World where conventional rules don’t apply, your thoughts can become a reality....
_If you love 80's & 90's nostalgia, anime, video games, and more....this is the spot for you!_ **25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS DISCOUNT SPECIAL!!!** Any Membership level! **25% OFF** each month when you sign up for 3 months! **USE CODE: CCT25DAYS**
A husband wife team that enjoys making stuff. We hope you like the end results. If you would like commercial rights to sell physical prints please join our membership.
**I design useful and enjoyable products for your household.** **Become a member** to get access to my full catalogue with exclusive designs, early access and discord benefits🙂
**[Sell prints with a Mimetics3D Commercial License](** Thanks for stopping by and checking out my designs! I'm designing a selection of bio-inspired, articulated, and/or cursed models. My Snap-Flex models incorporate a special joint that allows you to *SNAP* the segments into place to lock them and *SNAP* them back out to flex freely. Fantastic for fidgeting and ASMR fun. If you're willing to give me a bit of feedback, please [let me know how you like the models here](
Hey I'm Sam, but my friends call me 3DDB. I run the 3D Design Bros print farm and Etsy shop where I currently sit amongst the top 1% of sellers with over 9,500 lifetime sales. We focus on designs that have the ability to be printed and sold for high margins. I don't produce the most complicated models but I do produce models that sell and have the sales history to prove it. If you are looking for a catalog of products that you can launch a shop with and build from this is the place for you! Free download models are always for **PERSONAL** use **only**. Subscribe to our Thangs membership to get access to all of our models and a commercial license to sell them.
**_Make Any*thang*???_** Devin Montes is the Artist/Designer/Creator behind [Make Anything on YouTube]( Together we can build the world we want to live in! One with puzzles and pegboards… and springos. Everything springos!
At Pixel and Plastic, we fuse digital innovation with playful design to create unique 3D-printed toys. Our mission is to spark imagination with each custom-crafted piece. Join our Discord! [](