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We’re upgrading almost everything!

We’re upgrading almost everything!

Hey Makers, there have been SO MANY Multiboard developments happening behind the scenes…

And although we haven’t released much lately, get ready because when it rains, it absolutely POURS! 🌧️

Starting today, we are going to unleash “The Foundational Update” - Which is about upgrading and solidifying the current Multiboard system (before we release even more parts with “Multipoint” 😅).

So here’s what’s rolling out over the next week or two:

- 🔩 Improved Mid Thread Grip Strength: We’ve redesigned the Mid Threads and Push-Fit Holes to improve their grip. This involves updating the Bolts, Offset Mounts, Bins, Snaps, etc. (And don’t worry — the updated threads will still be compatible with the current threads).

- Multigrid Bins Revamp: We’re improving the Rim Lock Peg Connections, fixing Bin Extension tolerances, upgrading the Internal Rims, and updating the threads on the base of Bins.

- New “Bolt-Lock Mounts”: We’re releasing an additional mounting system that makes an entire Multiboard easy to remove — perfect for flexible setups.

- Command Strip Update: The Command Strip mounts are getting a “Bolt-Lock” version and a VHB Tape version.

(I told you there was A LOT 😂)

Expect some chaos on the website and on Thangs as we roll out and update over 800 parts!

And once everything is up, I’ll release a new video walking you through all the changes.

Keep Making! 🛠️

PS - The Bolt Generator will come out after we finish The Foundational Update.