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Deathwing bust (Pre-Supported) *Bonus Release*

Deathwing bust (Pre-Supported) *Bonus Release*

Greetings friends

Deathwing bust is now available for all tiers. A while ago i made his full figure but few days ago i felt the need to also create this bust cause i love this dragon.. I hope you like him.

Deathwing the Destroyer, formerly known as Neltharion the Earth-Warder, was one of the five Dragon Aspects and leader of the black dragonflight.

Printing Tips

Resin printing

The model comes pre-supported for resin users. Support service by the great Charro Zuck.

Supports_Print.jpgResinPrint.jpg  Supports, Resin print and photography by Charro Zuck.

FDM printing

FDM users will have to use supports to his chin and some areas that i point out in the screenshot below.

supports.jpg Support suggestions

Higgs is going to be done this weekend and probably released early next week, and then we have two more models to release. The Helldivers 2 fanart from Dante Zuck and my original Angel/Demon concept.

Thank you all for your precious support